Monday, December 10, 2018

By the Gods!

Leonora Ruffo and Reg Park in HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD (1961)

A new Blu-ray disc has been released for this film, which is often cited as being the best PEPLUM (I respectfully disagree). This is a screenshot of a Fan Dub someone did (in French) and I believe it's from the same source. Pretty nice print. Maybe a bit too bright but any new print of any PEPLUM film is always welcome.


Anonymous said...

A new Blu-ray of Revolt of the Slaves was released last week and it looks wonderful. The German Blu of Hercules in the Haunted World is very expensive but there is talk that a U.S. Blu-ray is forthcoming.
Sadly there are only a handful of European Sword and Sandal movies on Blu-ray thus far.

Nardobbuilder said...

Reg Park is one HUGE dude. But of all the guys who played Hercs and Macistes, I believe he’s the only one with no wrestling scenes in any of his peplums. Shame!

Shamelord said...

I bought it. The print is gorgeous. It made me wonder whether it was too bright or the Fantoma edition too dark. Watching the picture there is no obvious answer.
I'm French. I watched it in English but there are no English subtitles for the bonuses -- a real pity. The packaging is gorgeous and frankly justifies the price.

And it's one of the best peplums out there (IMHO) ;-)

Shamelord said...

WrestePorno, Reg has one wrestle scene in his little known last Herc film Hercules The Avenger (La Sfida dei Giganti) -- it is infamous because one third of its footage is made of stock footage from his two previous Herc movies.

PeplumTV did a very smart recut focusing on the newly shot scenes and leaving only minimum stock footage to keep the story flowing. Check it out on the PeplumTV Youtube channel.

I would really love to get Hercules The Avengers & Hercules and the Captive Women with the same restored HD quality Hercules in the Haunted World got.