Thursday, December 20, 2018

By the Gods!

Gustavo Rojo and Barbara Steele in REVENGE OF THE MERCENARIES (aka Rampage of Evil; 1962)

Directed by Sergio Grieco, which means bold, boisterous, over-the-top adventure. Grieco directed Rojo in JULIUS CAESAR AGAINST THE PIRATES (1962), which is one of my faves. Gustavo was a very good actor, and he shoe in the latter film (even if he was miscast) and he's excellent in this film as well. Barbara appeared in no traditional PEPLUM film set in Antiquity but appeared in a lot of Italian horror films and Swashbucklers/PEPLUM such as this one. It's a shame because she was memorable in all of her roles. Though this scene has both actors together, Barbara spends most of her time with Mario Petri. This film is one of those Cinematic Confusion films I wrote about, with the title that I always confuse with other films.

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