Tuesday, December 18, 2018

PEPLUM TV Blog Notes

As the year is about to end, I want to go over a few things about the blog and other aspects of social media.

First, the blog is in good health. There may be changes in the coming month, but for now things are running smoothly. The only major change might be less posts per week. Anyway, we'll see. 

There seems to be some concerted efforts by The Powers That Be to stifle opinions and ideas on the internet. Tumblr recently announced that they would be blocking all 'adult' material (and there's a lot of it there) on December 17. That was yesterday. This decision has affected by PEPLUM TV site at Tumblr (see screenshot below). Hundreds of images and photos have been blocked and need manual review to unblock them. Since this involves too many photos, I've decided to abandon the Tumblr page. I won't delete it. I'll leave it as is. Things are really becoming ridiculous when I can't publish photos from 50 years old movies without triggering some form of censorship!

Youtube channel is nearly dormant. I try to upload a few things from time to time to show some sign of life but for now, I'm not doing anything with it for a couple of months. I do have plans for it but it'll take some time to implement them. Youtube has basically become unusable. It's nearly impossible to do anything with this clusterfuck of a site. Just to show how fucked up it is, below is a screenshot of a Youtube channel that uploaded all my videos, and as this examples shows, not just once but multiple times. I complained about that channel to Youtube several times but they refuse to do anything or don't answer my requests. That channel basically killed my own channel and yet it's not affected by takedowns like mine. I'd be surprise if Youtube will still going, in its present state, in a few years. 

I also closed my Dailymotion channel. No one was going there. I don't think anyone noticed.

I have some ideas and plans for 2019. Some exciting plans. I won't announce them now (I don't want to jinx them).

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Scott Ochiltree said...

I love the Peplum Blog, and hope you continue to post every weekday (including Fridays).

Please feel free to recycle posts from previous years if this will free up time for your other activities.