Monday, December 17, 2018

By the Gods!

Gordon Scott and José Greci in ZORRO & THE THREE MUSKETEERS (1963)

One of many improbable mash ups seen during that period. The time periods of these heroes are totally different but that didn't stop producers in making this action adventure. Gordon was good in these Swashbucklers but he was better suited (or not..haha!) for Tarzan or Hercules roles. As for José Greci, she was good in every kind of genre. It's a well made production with an oddly non-existent storyline (or hard to summarize). I like these films but it sorta hinted that the genre was running out of ideas.


Anonymous said...

Of all the American musclemen who went to Italy to make movies, Gordon Scott was by far the best actor.

orsh549 said...

LION OF ST. MARK and DUEL OF THE TITANS are my 2 all time favorites. He was a good actor. Scot was definitely in my opinion the best Tarzan.