Monday, October 16, 2017

Movie Poster Mondays


Ultra rare PEPLUM film which hasn't shown up anywhere. Not even in the form of a short clip. It's also known as THE SINNER. In the poster, 'Desperadoes' includes an E but the title at IMDb is written as 'Desperados.' 


Scott Ochiltree said...

Fascinating poster. I am sure the film is not as sexy as implied by its artwork (they never are, alas!). Nevertheless I would love to see it.

Ruth Roman had an impoverished childhood and a hard time breaking into Hollywood. Nevertheless, she eventually became quite successful.

Reportedly she dated Ronald Reagan.

She and her son survived the sinking of the Italian liner Andrea Dorea in 1956 after it was in a collision with the Swedish liner Stockholm.

Anonymous said...

The movie was released in Italy in 1955. I have many RKO photos from the film. Most of them are titled The Sinner but several have Desert Desperadoes pasted over the title. That title makes it sound like a western. The stills are intriguing and, though I have tried to find a copy of this movie for decades, it has never shown up anywhere. The English co-director would later make the British sci-fi movie Day of the Triffids.