Monday, October 23, 2017

By the Gods!

Gordon Scott and Gianna Maria Canale star in THE LION OF ST. MARK (1963)

Fun adventure film with two of my favourite actors of the PEPLUM genre together again. Scott and Canale had already appeared together in GOLIATH & THE VAMPIRES (1961). It's always fun to see familiar actors of the genre work together. It's something sorta lacking in many productions. Of course, this was all due to movie contracts, and which actor was signed up to which studio or production company, limiting the possibilities of familiar faces working together. Nice production, score and costumes.


Scott Ochiltree said...

I agree this is a really good Peplum.

Gianna's dueling scene on the deck of a boat with Gordon Scott is right up there with her chariot race in THEODORA SLAVE EMPRESS as one of her best scenes ever in my view.

The fact that THE LION OF SAINT MARK is played "straight" - no supposedly funny sidekicks - is another big plus.

Brrrodie the Westie said...

Great scenes of Venice in this film, including a wonderful holiday regatta! A fine example of the "Masked Avenger" genre.