Monday, October 30, 2017

By the Gods!

Attea (Moira Orfei) worships to the goddess of her cult in THE MIGHTY URSUS (1961)

I love scenes like this and Moira excels in these scenes (it's not her first). I always try to get the name of the goddess but I don't how it's spelled. Sis? Zis? I know it's not Isis. If someone knows, please tell me. Moira's character in this is incredibly evil. In fact, the entire film is rife with evil characters. It's a very odd film of the PEPLUM genre (plays more like a murder / mystery).

Addendum : Stephen Smith informed me that, according to an Italian book on PEPLUM films, the spelling of the goddess is Zaas.


Anonymous said...

You Can upload this one
In peplum TV?

Scott Ochiltree said...

Alan Ladd had a tough and impoverished childhood. His relatively short height made it difficult for him to break into movies.

Nevertheless, he eventually found success, especially playing "tough guy" roles. His best co-star was Veronica Lake, who had the useful attribute of being even shorter than was Ladd.

Ladd survived a serious gunshot wound in the chest in 1962, which he claimed was accidental. However, it may have been a suicide attempt. He died two years later from an overdose of alcohol and pills, which may have been a suicide.

Ladd's career was in decline when he made DUEL OF THE CHAMPIONS. Nevertheless, he died a wealthy man.

PEPLUM TV said...

Some copyright issues might prevent me from uploading URSUS in its entirety. Some scenes bring up a claim while others don't. I guess it has something to do with the soundtrack. I'll see and test it.

Scott Ochiltree said...

Please move my comment about AlAN LADD down to the section about the DUEL OF CHAMPIONS poster.

That is where I intended to post it. Sorry for my mistake.


PEPLUM TV said...

I can't move comments from one post to another. Just repost your comment in the other article.