Monday, October 9, 2017

By the Gods!

Michèle Mercier and Jean Rochefort in ANGELIQUE : THE ROAD TO VERSAILLES (1965)

Rochefort died today at the age of 87. He starred in over 100 films and at a time was one of the most popular actor in French cinema. One of his first breakout roles was in ANGELIQUE (1964). His PEPLUM films were mostly Swashbucklers / period pieces, such as co-starring with Jean Marais in THE IRON MASK (1962), but he did star in ASTERIX & OBELIX : GOD SAVE BRITANNIA (2012). He had a very distinctive look, lanky man with brushy mustache.

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Scott Ochiltree said...

The Angelique movies are good fun. INDOMPTABLE ANGELIQUE (1967)is probably the best of them. Its English language title is UNTAMABLE ANGELIQUE.

By modern standards sex scenes are pretty mild.