Tuesday, October 24, 2017

By the Gods!

Alan Steel and Mimmo Palmara battle it out (again) in THE 3 AVENGERS (1964)

This is not the first film the two PEPLUM stars worked together, and fought against each other. Unlike most bodybuilders turned actors, these two men actually did their own stunts, and sometimes did the stuntwork for other actors. When these two duke it out, it's them all the time, which makes these scenes more believable (and probably easier for the director as well). This entire scene is great : location, setting, costumes  (or lack thereof), etc. The one thing which is not so great about the costumes are the boots. I never understood why in some films our hero (and villain) wears go-go style boots. They seem to be anachronistic. Oh well...

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Wrestleporno said...

Alan Steel is the epitome of muscle beef. Perfection is the word since this is the exact body type for that Greco-Roman era. No “ripped” bodybuilder type look. Those muscle guys didn’t diet. They ate, got HUGE, and just lifted, wrestled and trained hard!