Thursday, October 12, 2017

By the Gods!

Alena Johnston in WAR GODDESS (1973)

This softcore film, directed by Terence Young no less, sorta ushered a new wave of PEPLUM film in the early 1970s which were more raunchy and showed female nudity, often accompanied with lesbian sex scenes. Since this film was about Amazon warriors, there are many bare breasts and lesbian sex scenes. The story is silly and the male Greek characters are treated as an afterthought. Aside from the fleshy cast, there are some good things in it, including this nice set. This was Alena's third and last movie. Beautiful as she was, she was not much of an actress. To make matters worse, the English dubbing is horrid. Someone uploaded the film on Youtube. It's the channels only upload (this is something I'm seeing more and more on Youtube).

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WrestlePorno said...

There is a wrestling scene here where the amazons oil up and fight bare chested. Wish YT would be more lenient to male erotic wrestling scenes as well. I see a double standard!