Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Then & Now : Raffaella Carrà

 Raffaella in CAESAR THE CONQUEROR ; Raffaella today (she's a famous pop star)


Scott Ochiltree said...

The fact she was born in 1943 (now aged 73) makes me seriously doubt that is a contemporary photo, even allowing for plenty of plastic surgery.

Actresses make a big mistake in going blond. Their hair never matches the color of their eyebrows, and it always rapidly grows out from the roots.

This fascination with blondness is almost Nazi in some respects. Ideally National Socialist supermen (and women) were supposed to be blond as part of alleged Nordic racial superiority.

PEPLUM TV said...

Yes, that's a recent photo. Just google her.

And the Nazi angle is not an acceptable point here. I've let the comment go through but if you type something like this again, I won't publish it.