Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Interview with Pietro Torrisi

I've found this interview with veteran PEPLUM star Pietro Torrisi on Youtube. It's in Italian but it's fun to watch. Includes clips of his PEPLUM films and many others genres.


Steven Lester said...

So he did play the lead in some movies after all. I'm glad to have learned that. I saw "My Name Is Trinity" and "My Name Is Still Trinity" at our local drive in and so I would have seen "Peter Mc Coy" as well. Ah, it's also always fascinating to watch the hand gestures of Italian speakers. I think they do it better than any other ethnicity in the world. THANK YOU for finding that for us!

Richard Svensson said...

This video was a real treasure! I've always felt that Pietro was dead obvious leading man material, with his stand-out physique and engaging personality and charisma. I'm glad to see that he had quite a varied career, and that he did, in fact, get to star in some films (I only knew about his star turns in the 80's Conan knock-offs).