Tuesday, November 1, 2016

By the Gods!

Warriors fight in a public arena in DEATHSTALKER

A 1980s Sword & Sorcery trash 'classic,' though classic is not the word I would use to describe this film, which has just about every PEPLUM cliche in its 90 something cheesy minutes, with an extra dose of nudity and sex. Rick Hill (his back to us), is one of the blandest heroes in any genre film. He's fit but aside from his physique he had no presence whatsoever. The bad guy here is one of the most original aspects of this slightly entertaining 'it's so bad it's good' opus. It spawned a countless number of sequels, most of them without Hill.


Richard Svensson said...

I think this one was shot in Argentina(?) Way back in the day I read an article in Fangoria magazine, where make-up man John Buechler explained how he created all the creatures in this film, including this pig man. It's really simple latex mask or hand puppet stuff, but quite inventive. Trash it may be, but I have to admit I have a soft spot for the first Deathstalker.

PEPLUM TV said...

It is entertaining!