Thursday, March 22, 2012


First YOUTUBE bit: one of the first things viewers at PEPLUM TV ask me is how to access some of my films. I always tell them about my YOUTUBE channels, which no one seems to know even though I've been uploading stuff there since 2007! It'll be 5 years this May. The main PEPLUM channel has over 5 million video views. 5 million! And yet few people know about it. So here's just a brief reminder.

Second YOUTUBE bit: regular readers of this blog will know of my constant struggle with Youtube. Example here. After finally resolving the many issues with a fraudulent Youtuber who claimed copyright infringement on public domain films, which was a relief since it messed up all my channels, now Youtube has finally granted me the right of monetization of my clips or uploads. This is me: Woo-hoo! Unfortunately, there's a problem: even though 98% of all my uploads are from public domain sources Youtube refuses to monetize the majority of my videos because I can't prove that, for example, HERCULES (1958) is a public domain film. This is me: &#!&$!! 

Third YOUTUBE bit: they changed the layout of the channels and I don't like it. Bleech. 

It's such a constant struggle dealing with Youtube it's to a point where I want to pull the plug on all of it. 

Main PEPLUM channel

SapphoPEPLUM channel


Ron Campbell said...

Thank you for all your hard work.I am sure that none of your subscribers when like to see you pull the plug.Your videos are always excellent and would be greatly missed.

S.R.Orsulak said...

I have said it before that you deserve an award for your hard work.There many people who appreciate everything you have done save this genre, please do not pull the plug. I find this site to be probably the best of all of them on YT. Maybe they should take another look at some of the junk they allow to be put on. I find the new set up they have to be terrible, and maybe if enough of us complain to them they will go back to the original set up for your channels. Your Fan Dubs are GREAT!!! I have learned a lot from your site and stand beside you 100%.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Thanks Ron & SR!!!