Thursday, March 1, 2012


During the climax of GOLIATH AND THE VAMPIRES, Goliath battles Kobrak, who transformed himself into Goliath's likeness, creating a cool Goliath vs Goliath situation (the original Italian version wasn't Goliath but Maciste). In the top image, Gordon Scott is on the left while the stuntman playing "Kobrak as Goliath" is unknown. Some believed it was Steve Reeves, which is definitely not the case.

In my opinion it's most likely Giovanni Cianfriglia, Steve Reeves' stunt double. Giovanni was a great stuntman with a very specific physique. Above is a comparison of the stuntman's face vs Giovanni's. And below it's a comparison between Giovanni's body and the one seen in GOLIATH AND THE VAMPIRES. It might be someone else altogether but personally, I believe it resembles Giovanni a lot. The only way to know for sure is to ask Giovanni himself. 

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Brian D Moore said...

In an article from Spaghetti Cinema, William Connolily interviews Gordon Scott. Here is a excerpt…
WC: I don't know if you remember, but in GOLIATH AND THE VAMPIRES you have to fight with yourself.
GS: Yeah. I really had to move quick. (laughs) The guy that did that (with me) was a kid called Giovanni Cianfriglia.
WC: He was Steve Reeves double.
GS: Yeah, for a long time. He was good, too, you know? Not a bad actor, either. I think later on he did second unit work with a bunch of the people over there. He was very good.