Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Technical goof: Studio walls

With so many films made in studios decades ago it was bound to happen where the studio walls were clearly visible, with shadows against the walls or lights reflected on them. Here are some egregious examples.

During the climax from CAPTAIN KIDD & THE SLAVE GIRL you can clearly see shadows of the ships' ropes moving against the walls.

In PIRATE & THE SLAVE GIRL the big set is clearly in a studio as shadows of the entire set are delineated against the blue wall.

The studio walls are apparent in TOTO VS MACISTE

In this image, you can see the badly lit studio walls

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of bad an early scene of Caesar and Cleopatra, Leo Genn rides his horse through a small gateway into an Egyptian temple, to inform his fellow Greek-mercenaries that the Romans are approaching. When he rides through the gate, the shadow of his horse clearly falls across the flat backdrop of the desert AND hills.