Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo of the Day

A scene from YOUNG APHRODITES (1963)

In my neverending quest to find every PEP film out there, I came across this film. It's a controversial Greek film that's almost all but forgotten today. It parallels stories of Eros set in 200 B.C. and it shows the sexual awakening of a girl and a young boy.  I got a hold of a great looking print with English subs. I haven't seen it yet, just parts of it and it's looks great. Decidedly different than the usual stuff but has an authentic feel to it.


Steven Lester said...

Forgive me, must I must ask: just what kind of bird is that and what are they doing to it?

PEPLUM cinema said...

It's a dead pelican and the kid carries it around in the film, from what I've seen from it.

Anonymous said...

In the tradition of Greek plays of antiquity, most Greek peplum productions tend to focus on the up close and personal, eliciting an emotional connection / response on timeless human matters and to provoke discussion on issues raised.


Daphnis and Chloe (1931) - by Orestis Laskos
Kassiani (1960) - by Ilias Paraskevas
Antigone (1961) - by Yorgos Javellas
Electra (1962) - by Michael Cacoyannis
Young Aphrodites (1963) - by Nikos Koundouros
Byzantine Rhapsody or Imperiale (1968) - by George Skalenakis
Daphnis and Chloe: The Young Lovers (1969) - by Orestis Laskos
The Trojan Women (1971) - by Michael Cacoyannis
Lysistrata (1972) - by George Zervoulakos
Boom, tara!! Ta tzoum!! (1972) - by Errikos Thalassinos
Hippocrates and Democracy (1972) - by Dimis Dadiras
I Diadikasia / Proceedings (1976) - by Dimos Theos
Iphigenia (1977) - by Michael Cacoyannis
Doxobus (1987) - by Fotos Lambrinos
Two Suns in the Sky (1992) - by Yiorgos Stamboulopoulos


En Touto Nika / In this Sign Conquer (1973/74) - by Kostas Andritsos (116x30min)

Oi Emporoi ton Ethnon / The Merchants of Nations (1973/74) - by Costas Ferris (52x45min)

I Oraia Eleni ton Gaidaron / Helen of the Donkeys (1976/77) - by Costas Ferris (22x30min)Η_Ωραία_Ελένη_των_Γαϊδάρων

Porfyra kai Aima / Royal Purple and Blood (1977/78) - by Nikos Foskolos (54x45min)

Pontios Pilatos / Pontius Pilate (1987) - by Kostis Zois (5x30min)