Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo of the Day

Ugo Tognazzi as Trimalchione in SATYRICON

Not to be confused with Fellini's version, this one was made and finished before the big Fellini one but United Artist bought the distribution rights of this one and kept it out of theatres before Fellini's version was released. It was embroiled in legal matters but because it's based on works that are in the public domain and the director of this one registered the title SATYRICON first, Fellini and United Artist couldn't do anything against it so their title officially became FELLINI'S SATYRICON.

IMO, it's pretty good. I have it and it's in Italian only, no subs so I'm missing a lot of info regarding the dialogue but the story resembles the Felllini one which I've seen several times and in the end it's not to difficult to understand. There are some great scenes in this film. It shouldn't be dismissed.

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