Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Fake PEPLUM flick within another PEP film: HERCULES AGAINST THE MONSTER is not a real PEPLUM but you can see the poster in HERCULES IN NEW YORK when a young woman (Debra Loomis) brings Hercules (Ahnuld) to see the film which prompts Herc to complain that the Hercules on the poster doesn't resemble him so he shows off his physique. Cute film, even if Ahnuld is terrible in it. Funny enough they added Godzilla as the monster. Oh my...Hercules against Godzilla? LOL!!!!


jim said...

I couldn't make it all the way through "Hercules in New York" , despite the presence of that other great Arnold, the irreplaceable, Arnold Stang. But I would DEFINITELY watch "Hercules against Godzilla". lol

Steven Lester said...

Godzilla would wipe Herc off the face of earth. One blast of his hot radioactive breath and Herc would be fried zucchini. And one stomp of Godzilla's foot would crush Herc into the ground so deep you'd think he was a tent stake.

Unknown said...

I am watching Hercules in New York right now. It is currently free on youtube. And my opinion, it is a laugh riot. It probably doesn't hurt that I am smoking. 😁