Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo of the Day

Dan Vadis as ZORIKAN THE BARBARIAN, a super rare film. I have a copy and it's in bad shape. I don't think I've ever seen the poster for it.

Vadis, who wasn't much of an actor but had great screen presence and agility, played both heroes and villains. Gordon Mitchell is the other big PEPLUM star that would also be flexible like this.


S.R.Orsulak said...

One thing about Dan Vadis is that even though he wasn't a real good actor he always seemed to have enjoyed all the parts he played. Always a smile and he seemed to have a lot of fun doing the many roles good guy or bad guy.

JJ said...

I also have a poor video copy of this movie. Hoping to see a restored version on DVD someday. Here's what I have in my collection:

Feel free to borrow and post...


PEPLUM cinema said...

Thanks JJ. It would be cool if ZORIKAN will be release one day on DVD but I doubt it. I'd be happy with a good TV broadcast.

SR, yes Dan had a lot of fun making his films, certainly the 10 gladiators films