Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Ugly

Rose McGowan in the new CONAN film

I read somewhere that it takes a special kind of talent to have made her that ugly. This inspired me to do a list of ugly things from PEP films:

Jack Palance in REVAK THE REBEL (or Revak the Barbarian or The Barbarians)

Probably the ugliest tunic ever made for a PEPLUM; in close ups you can actually see the cheap fabric and stitching. Looks like something from a High School production. But the design is just ugly. The collar looks like a bunch of cut kiwis.

The ugliest poster ever made. How can something make Chelo Alonso look that ugly?

The worst dye-job in a PEPLUM film. From THE TITANS. 

Giuliano Gemma should never be blond. Ever. 

The ugliest set/production design. I like VULCAN ~ SON OF JUPITER but it's afflicted by a few ugly things. This set is probably the ugliest/least convincing. So much so that I wonder if it's intentional.

A close second for ugliest set would be the one in CONQUEROR OF THE ORIENT. The whole thing looks like it was shot in a closet. It's so tacky and an eyesore, even with the beautiful Gianna Maria Canal in it.

The ugliest monster. Again, from VULCAN ~ SON OF JUPITER. Like the set mentioned above, this lizard man design is so ugly/unconvincing that I wonder if it's intentional. If not, than it stinks.

The worst wig ever. Miles O'Keeffe in ATOR THE FIGHTING EAGLE (or Ator the Invincible). I actually like this Sword & Sorcery from the 1980s but that wig is painful to look at without laughing. And this is not the only film where Miles wears some ghastly wig. 

In THREE SWORDS FOR ROME you see a pony urinating for several seconds. I don't mind realism in movies but not in a PEPLUM action film like this one.



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