Saturday, September 24, 2011

Future PEPLUM Stars?

Various photos of fans dressed up as Spartan or Roman warriors seen at Comic-Con, Pride parades and such I've come across from different websites, including this one (content warning). Cool stuff. The Sword & Sandal genre is very much alive.


Steven Lester said...

Obviously, very fit. I wonder, though, how the ancient Greeks would have viewed such development if it existed in their day. From the statues of their day, statues which were supposed to portray male physical perfection, I glean that they liked wide hips and big thighs. Big pecs and popped-out abs might have seemed a bit ugly to them, although not to us.

PEPLUM cinema said...

I'm sure it did as there are many statues of the male physique in Italy with very defined muscles. Maybe not as big as Arnold but pretty fit nonetheless. I also read somewhere that many sculptors purposely, eh, diminished or reduced some parts of the models' body for their statues in order not to offend people, because of the mores of the time or because it wasn't fashionable. lol.