Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I just got a hold of a completely different version of "Perseus the Invincible" (known as "Medusa Against the Son of Hercules" in North America). It's in Spanish and in many scenes are totally different. The editing and direction are not like the other versions which confuses me. So now this film has three versions: the truncated and terrible U.S. version, the Italian one, which I'm assuming is the official version and the Spanish version which is totally unique. My head is spinning. 

The Medusa shoots a blue laser out of its single eye. 

The victim is hit by laser, turning him to stone.

The dragon has a white puffy breath that chokes the soldiers who fall to their death.
This added detail is also not included in the US and Italian versions. 


Anonymous said...

In my book on Epic Films I also commented on the Spanish version of this film. I was totally perplexed when I ran across it.
Gary Smith

PEPLUM cinema said...

Hi Gary

Cool stuff. Is there any background history to this Spanish version?

I have to buy your book now. Hope to find stuff in it that I haven't seen yet.