Friday, October 22, 2010

Jason Momoa - New Conan the Barbarian

Miscast? I have to say that I didn't care much for Arnold as Conan because Arnold can't act and didn't look dark enough but Jason Momoa is a tad, eh, unimpressive. The movie looks like direct-to-dvd stuff. Oh well. 

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Anonymous said...

Firstly Jason Momoa is a good choice as like Conan he is HUGE!!I have met him and he's like 6ft 4 or 5 at least and very muscular and brawny. Secondly he is a decent actor as well and has the role of a "warrior dude who is basically a decent guy" experience already.(see Stargate Atlantis season 2). All these petty criticisms annoy me because the movie hasn't even come out yet. Let's all wait and see shall we? You never know. It might be good!!!