Thursday, September 27, 2012

Before they were PEPLUM Stars

Can you spot the future PEPLUM star? Yes, that's Ed Fury in a deliriously trashy Joan Crawford vehicle called FEMALE ON THE BEACH. Ed plays a gigolo blackmailed by the old couple (that's Natalie Schafer there) into servicing lonely older women and stealing their money! Jeff Chandler, not pictured, is also in this and plays a blackmailed gigolo with his eyes set on Joan Crawford. What a film. It's on Youtube for now, taken from a VHS recording. It's also available on DVD in a better quality but only in a super expensive pack. I'm not interested in the other films, just this one. I hate these kind of packaging.


Michael O'Sullivan said...

Yes FEMALE ON THE BEACH is a trash classic, Fury being introduced to Joan is just one of many delicious moments in it!

Ralph D said...

Ed Fury would have been more believable cast as the gigolo than gray haired Jeff Chandler. Ed was better looking and a better body. There's plenty of pictures on the Net to prove that. Even though Joan Crawford had a fling with Chandler, I'll bet Ed was fucking her during the filming. Nympho Joan at age 50 wouldn't let a guy age 26 who looks like that get away. He probably had a number of overnighters at her home.