Tuesday, January 2, 2024

The Year in PEPLUM

Blog and holidays

Because of the way the holidays fell, on Mondays...it doesn't feel right to start posting with the week already started so the blog will come back full time next week. In 2024, Christmas and New Year's fall on Wednesdays so that'll mean no posts for two weeks as well.

The blog was shadow banned

I don't want to go too much in details about this but the blog was shadow banned by Google. It's been ongoing since October. I've contacted a couple of humans to get things fixed. I could go into deep details but it's too tedious. Needless to say, things seem to be looking up for 2024. For those who don't know, shadow banning means the web site becomes invisible to searches on Google (but not other smaller search engines like Duck Duck Go).

When I make searches for PEPLUM stuff on the internet, posts and images from my blog usually come up first. The subject is fairly specific which is why my blog is often the source of it. Well, I realized something was wrong when I searched some specific title like GODDESS OF LOVE (1957), which my blog is almost the only source of info on the internet about it, and nothing from my blog showed up on Google. 


I also checked the stats of my blog (above) and it went from over three thousand that day
down to 500 overnight. On *average* the blog gets 1500 to 2500 views a day. As you can see with the graph above, views were super high prior to Oct 1, up to ten thousand views a day! So I knew something was up. The views remained low for over two months. Remarkably enough, it all started with the release of BY THE GODS! magazine. The views are slowly coming back to normal. The blog is still not out of the woods yet but it's getting there.

Youtube, which is own by Google, also shadow banned my PEPLUM channel. Google hates me. This is all to say that your support is *very* important. 

Not many HD releases 

The year in PEPLUM movies released on Blu-ray or HD has been disappointing. I usually create two folders filled with stuff (6 months of stuff per folders). This year I only made one folder for all of 2023 new releases or old discoveries. Most of the new HD releases have been coming from streaming services not Blu-ray.

Magazine and upcoming projects!

BY THE GODS! magazine was well received. I don't know if people will continue buying it though. I will do at least three issues and see where it goes from there. It takes a lot of time and effort on my part and I don't want to work that hard and interests disappears. I'm happy with the response but I'm cautious as well. You can buy it here.

I also have many new projects set for this year. Maybe this will keep interest in the magazine. The projects are a secret now but some of them are related to the PEPLUM genre and some are not even though they're from the same era. 

I've also completed part of my (humongous) novel. I have yet to print it in paper and revise it from there. I wrote nonstop since 2017 and didn't realized I probably wrote a novel with over two thousand pages. Lol! 


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I can still see your channels on my YT account.
oooh, a novel?! NEAT!

PEPLUM TV said...

Hi Stef

The channel is visible to those who follow my Youtube channel but it's almost invisible to non-subscribers which is almost everyone. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

Shadow banned!! Thanks for letting us know what you have to deal with. It's like someone flicked a switch almost as a reaction to all that activity in August and September. Did you ever find out where all those clicks were coming from? My daily visits to your blog are counted in the baseline numbers together with all your other dedicated fans. I'm a regular poster of comments too, so thanks for allowing anonymity. Looking forward to another great year from PeplumTV.

PEPLUM TV said...

Google did flick a switch!

It's difficult to figure out where the clicks are coming from. I even have another counter service and it's not clear.

Lots of stuff coming up in 2024!