Friday, January 12, 2024

Lobby Cards Set: THE EROTIC LIFE OF URSUS (1973)

Original French lobby cards of THE EROTIC LIFE OF URSUS (1973) starring Reg Park, Ettore Manni and others.

This is a great find, well, to me it is. There's a lot of background stuff to write so here goes. HERCULES  - PRISONER OF EVIL, aka URSUS AND THE TERROR OF THE KHIRGIZ, was released in 1964. It starred Reg Park. It's a legitimate PEPLUM movie. That movie was re-released in 1973 as THE EROTIC LIFE OF URSUS with added 'adult' scenes edited in. That movie is not available on disc or streaming. It's obscure. 10 years ago, I found the official poster of the 1973 movie and posted about it here. I recently found the official lobby cards of the adult URSUS. The set has 21 cards so this is just 8 from that set. The 6 first photos are from the 1964 release (well, except for card number 2 which is a scene from  THE SEVEN REVENGES (1961) which was reused in the 1964 film). Anyway, the two photos at the bottom are from the 1973 version. The added x-rated scenes. Again, that version is not available which means these lobby cards with the 'new' scenes are the only source of pictures from it. Also, what's interesting is that there seems to be some scenes that were not in the final cut of the 1964 and used for the 1973 re-release as one lobby card shows scene not in HERCULES - PRISONER OF EVIL but looks too elaborate for the 1973 one. The only way to know for sure is to view this adult version.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. One thing to note is that the lobby cards have the title "Les Aventures Érotiques D' Ursus" whereas on the poster in the link it is "La Vie Érotique D' Ursus".

Anonymous said...

The re-released film screened in Paris for 1 week only in June 1973 with 13,281 tickets. See more details at:

Anonymous said...

Odd that the scenes from the original version are monochrome and the two adult version scenes are full color.