Tuesday, January 16, 2024

HD Alert!

Jean Marais as PONTIUS PILATE (1962)

A HD version that was shown on TV and streaming in Europe. The movie's excellent production shines through in this crystal clear print. I already stated that I'm not a big fan of the script but the production values, cast, score, etc, are top notch. A must see in HD. Also stars Jeanne Crain (below). Not available in HD anywhere or on Blu-ray. Not even Prime in the US.



Anonymous said...

This is a fine film which should have a Blu-ray release in English. I know there is an English language version because I have stills for the U.S. release. I have an Italian language DVD of it which is good quality but it deserves better. I would love to see these films get a Blu-ray treatment....Pontius Pilate, Joseph and His Brethren, Alone Against Rome, Cleopatra's Daughter. No Euro epics have been mentioned for release for 2024 thus far.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but since you seem to know about these things, was the "flat" version of The Robe on any of the VHS tapes or are they all the pan and scan version?

PEPLUM TV said...

About the 'flat' version of THE ROBE. Good question.

I've never seen the 4:3 academy version. It was shown on TV back in the 1950s and 60s but I can't recall seeing it anywhere else, including VHS. I have to do some research.

PEPLUM TV said...

THE ROBE was released in 4:3 Academy format on VHS in 1998.