Monday, November 20, 2023


Sylva Koscina as Iole in HERCULES (1958)

Maybe not the most flattering photo of this lovely lady but this scene, of Iole grieving the death of her brother, is always effective. Thanks to good direction by Pietro Francisci and Sylva's acting. With that being said, many have noted and wrote to me about the artwork in the background. What is going on there? Yes, people have mentioned this to me in the past, even if I noticed it myself beforehand. 


Anonymous said...

Quite an emotional scene. Check out the video between 31:00 and 33:30.

The particular background artwork remains mostly obscured by a column in the video.
From the long shots, to me it looks like a clad figure about to embrace the young man (as in a scene of recognition, eg. between Electra and Orestes, Odysseus and Telemachus, etc). It is unfortunate we don't get to see the whole figure.

Anonymous said...

Further on the background artwork. We see this again at the thrilling climax of the film. Check out 1:35:40 onwards.

The obscured figure is that of a young female and it is her right arm that we see. All quite innocent.