Tuesday, November 7, 2023

HD Alert!

Sylvia Lopez and Edmund Purdom in HEROD THE GREAT (1959)

The movie is not available on Blu-ray, in Europe or North America. But it is (or was?) available for streaming in Spain, I believe. The print is stunning. I didn't retouch the images. Will it ever be available on Blu-ray?


Sylvia Lopez, Sandra Milo and Corrado Pani. 


Anonymous said...

Stunning, high quality images that look like they were taken yesterday. Thank you for sharing.
For a moment there I thought Corrado was checking his device, oblivious to the drama.

Anonymous said...

This and Joseph and His Brethren are two of the titles I would like most to see come out on Bluray. Nothing has been announced as forthcoming of late.

PEPLUM TV said...

The picture looks spectacular in HD.

Yes, it's very quiet on the HD front.