Monday, November 13, 2023


Yssour (Mario Petri) convinces Goliath (Peter Lupus) in participating in a wrestling match, while Fatma (Helga Liné) approves in GOLIATH AT THE CONQUEST Of DAMASCUS (1965)

Fun film which is still lacking a decent copy. I have multiple versions of this movie and they're mostly in bad quality. How bad are they? In this scene, Helga is cropped out. I only have two copies with the framing is sorta intact. And the quality of the image is not that good. Wrestling scenes were common in PEPLUM movies. Here, the wrestling matches are done in an open public space. Ah those days! 😂

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Anonymous said...

The cropped image occurs at the 32:41 mark on this video.

Why are films cropped? Cropping is so annoying because of the loss of information that the filmmaker intended. In so many cases people on screen talk with actors who have been cropped out! However, I do have to concede that the preceding wrestling scenes work very well because the cropping makes us focus on the action.