Friday, August 4, 2023

VHS Covers

VHS covers of ATOR 2 aka THE BLADE MASTER (1983) starring Miles O'Keefe. A good selection of covers but major Cinematic Confusion as both ATOR 1 and ATOR 2 share the same title in different countries, for its cinematic or video releases, mainly ATOR THE INVINCIBLE. To differentiate, ATOR 1 stars Laura Gemser but not ATOR 2. And the US title is also the title for another movie.

US edition was titled as THE BLADE MASTER. Not to be confused with the Pietro Torrisi movie released at the same time.


UK release.


Australian release.


German release.


VHS cover from Finland.


Korean release with a cover by Boris.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing VHS Covers. Thank you for posting.