Friday, August 4, 2023

Image of the week!

 A revived Talos goes after the Argonauts in JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS (1963)


Orsh said...

Jason is one of my all time favorite Peps. I remember seeing it on our huge screen at the Palace. Harryhausen was a master of the stop-motion special effects. I have all of his movies.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this film. The shot with that darkened background sky when Jason is speaking with Hermes was such a miraculous stroke of luck and adds so much atmosphere to the film, alongside Bernard Herrmann's amazing score. I am still trying to find out who played one of the female deities, I think she is also one of the dancers at Pelias'camp. You can see her in some of the shots behind Niall MacGinnis in Olympus. IMDB does not really go into who played the other immortals.