Monday, August 21, 2023


Rossana Podesta as Helen of Troy in HELEN OF TROY (1956) 

This screenshot is from the new Blu-ray release. I know I wrote last week that I was waiting to see to buy this and LAND OF THE PHARAOHS but I finally got this one. I compared some of the few screenshots I found online to the DVD I have and saw the differences so I decided to get it. The Blu-ray is a definite improvement of the dreary DVD, which is colourless, cropped and the wrong aspect ratio. The Blu-ray is much more colourful and vibrant. There are still some odd discrepancies, like the soft focus, blurriness, shifting colours, annoying halation, or distortions here and there but I think it's more the way the movie was filmed than anything else. Robert Wise is one of my favourite directors so it's nice how to view the film as it sorta was intended. I'll get LAND OF THE PHARAOHS most likely in the fall. I'll have a review of this in a future soon-to-be published BY THE GODS! magazine and a comparison here on the blog.

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