Thursday, August 17, 2023


Linda Cristal as Cleopatra in LEGIONS OF THE NILE (1959) 

When you think of actresses who portrayed Cleopatra on the big screen, Elizabeth Taylor or Claudette Colbert come to mind but Cleopatra was also played by other actresses, like Lina or Rhonda Fleming in SERPENT OF THE NILE or Pascale Petit in A QUEEN FOR CAESAR. I like Linda's performance here but the script and sometimes the choice of costumes are a bit erratic (like the movie itself) which undermines her acting. The crown she has in this screenshot is the same crown she wears in THE PHARAOHS' WOMAN, which is also set in Egypt. Linda made a handful of PEPLUM movies but she's more famous for other genres, including Westerns. She died 3 years ago, pretty much in seclusion. The movie itself was released on DVD a couple of times, which are OOP. But no HD version yet. 

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