Tuesday, August 15, 2023

HD Alert!

A scene from LAND OF THE PHARAOHS (1955)

I still haven't bought the LAND OF THE PHARAOHS or HELEN OF TROY Blu-rays. I've been waiting for online reviews to shed some light on these Warner Archive releases which, from personal experiences, have been hit or miss, mostly miss. The DVD releases of THE SON OF SPARTACUS and HERCULES, SAMSON AND ULYSSES made me weary of any future releases from Warner Archive. Unfortunately, there are few reviews. Of those few, it seems LAND OF THE PHARAOHS has the best transfer (the screenshot above is from that release). People appear to be disappointed by the transfer for HELEN OF TROY. I've seen many screenshots of PHARAOHS and though many of them are beautiful, many of them, mostly the darker scenes, are not that impressive. There are few screenshots of HELEN OF TROY and none worth posting. I'll wait a bit again, maybe a new review will finally pop-up but for now there not vital to my collection. 

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