Tuesday, March 16, 2021

By the Gods!

Rossana Podestà in ALONE AGAINST ROME (1962)

Riccardo Freda is now listed as being co-director of this often overlooked PEPLUM. There are some great scenes in it, most likely those directed by Freda. GOLD FOR THE CAESARS (1963) is another movie in which major scenes were directed by Freda. In fact, both this movie and GOLD FOR THE CAESARS feel more like Freda movies than anything else. Rossana, who as in the big Hollywood production HELEN OF TROY (1956), continued with her career in PEPLUM movies after the Robert Wise epic flopped at the box office. Rossana's character in this movie is hard to gauge. Is she or isn't she in love with her the ruling Romans who took over her house.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Helen of Troy flopped. It cost $6 million and took in over $3 million in the U.S. It was a big success in other parts of the world. This, combined with the very successful 1959 reissue with Land of the Pharaohs, pushed it way out of "flop" catagory.