Friday, March 12, 2021

By the Gods!

Anita Ekberg as Queen Zenobia in SIGN OF THE GLADIATOR (1959)

In our frenzied Cancel Culture times, the casting of Anita as Zenobia would be denounced but I think that even if Ekberg didn't looked like Zenobia, the actress carried herself wonderfully in it and commands the story appropriately. So her appearance is not important in the end. But yes she was a babe back then and she still commands a lot of attention today. A post I did on her 10 years ago is still the most popular post ever (see sidebar on the left)!

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Iván said...

Sorry, but I have to say that between Anita Ekberg as Queen Zenobia and supposed real Queen Zenobia, it is Anita who, in my opinion, would deserved a full Roman Army on march through hot sands with Emperor Aurelian included to master her.