Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Searching far and wide for all things PEPLUM! Luciano Marin and Steve Reeves in GOLIATH AND THE BARBARIANS (1959)

Not many musings this week. Most of it will be about Cinematic Confusion.

Cinematic Confusion:

As I reported last week, there'll be two new Blu-ray editions of HERCULES (1958) and HERCULES UNCHAINED (1959). These editions are from France and they don't include an English track, only French and Italian. Oddly enough, these new prints might already be afflicted by Cinematic Confusion. I say might.

These new editions will come with a book. In the book there are plenty of photos. If you look at the image above, the photos in the book are NOT from HERCULES (1958). The big photo on the left and the one at the bottom right are from HERCULES UNCHAINED. And the photo on the top right is from DUEL OF THE TITTANS (1961) starring Steve Reeves and Virna Lisi. Now, this booklet MIGHT be an overview of Steve's career (notice the Steve Reeves book..) but why include those photos in an ad dedicated to and selling HERCULES Blu-ray? There are many great scenes in it so why not use photos from HERCULES instead? Just an observation.

The artwork on the cover of the HERCULES UNCHAINED edition is sorta odd. As I pointed out  yesterday in PEPLUM Movie Posters, it's from the Turkish poster. The lady in the artwork doesn't look like Sylvia Lopez or Sylva Koscina. I don't mind it. They're both drawn in a sexy way but when I think of HERCULES UNCHAINED, that artwork doesn't match with what I see. It sorta belongs to another movie altogether.

Also, the cover for HERCULES is not that good. Sorta garish. Oh well...


The same company, Artus, is also releasing a new DVD of THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS (1958). It's not a Blu-ray but just a regular DVD release. Hopefully, it will be uncut. I did a Fan Dub of this, combining scenes from various different prints, and it's the most complete version available anywhere. I hope this one will be as complete as my Fan Dub.


I have to remember that with every new Blu-rays. DVDs, or digital downloads I buy I need to update the list of my collection. It's an odd thing to keep on managing. It's not something I'm familiar with.

Because I'm very busy on my end, I still haven't completed sorting every movie of my collection on one hard drive. I'm almost there but not quite. Once it will be completed, I'll have some news to tell you.


Make sure to follow the new Twitter account dedicated to all PEPLUM heroes (and villains).


I received new Merch from my PEPLUM store. More on this next week.


Here's an interesting article on AIP and their PEPLUM movies. It's fun to read articles on the genre other the ones I write. 

Future musings:

- New official PEPLUM TV merchandise

- A PEPLUM TV podcast?

- Comments at the blog

- A PEPLUM TV forum?

- Wardrobe malfunction in HD!

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