Friday, February 5, 2021

By the Gods!

Spyros Fokas and Belinda Lee in MESSALINA (1960)

This screenshot is from the recent French Blu-ray. The opening credits are in English and there an English audio tract. It's almost a completely English release except for the packaging and that the movie is in PAL format. The image is really beautiful and clear but the movie was always available in nice copies, which is rare for the PEPLUM genre. I scanned the movie and I can't find any faults with it. I didn't make any adjustments to the image. If you can view movies from Europe, from your computer or a region free BR player, I highly recommend it. I'll have a full review of it soon.

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Anonymous said...

I got this recently too and the transfer is beautiful. The new German Blu-ray of Nefertiti is also a knockout.