Monday, February 8, 2021

Christopher Plummer, RIP

Last Friday, just as I was winding down the posts for the week, I learned that Christopher Plummer had died. He was 91 years old. It was sad news, certainly after news of the recent death of Haya Harareet just a couple of days before. It seemed the Gods had something to say.

Christopher Plummer was a Canadian actor, which I profiled here amongst others. He was exceptionally talented and starred in many movies, including THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965). He did star in a handful of PEPLUM movies but surprisingly enough, not many. I'll list him here. R.I.P., Christopher.


One of the biggest PEPLUM movies of the era, this was Christopher 3rd movie. Quite a feat and an excellent acting tour de force. I've said this before but he was the best thing about this epic. He played Commodus with a lot of verve and enthusiasm. His performance still holds up today.

Christopher as Commodus. Personally I think he should have been nominated for an Oscar but the movie was a financial failure and only the score was nominated for an award.


For his 8th film, Christopher starred in the film production of OEDIPUS THE KING (1968). With Lili Palmer as Jocasta. The director of the movie, Philipe Saville, had already filmed a TV special of HAMLET with Plummer in 1964. Though a movie, it comes across more as a stage play than anything else.


Christopher starred as Atahuallpa in this adaptation of the popular play of the same name. Not that different to OEDIPUS THE KING in that it feels more theatrical than cinematic even though this movie's production is more cinematic than OEDIPUS. No one seems to remember this movie.

Robert Shaw and Christopher Plummer.


Christopher starred in the TV mini-series as Herod Antipas. I haven't seen this mini-series in decades so I can't recall his performance.


Christopher had a small role in ALEXANDER as Aristotle. He was so good in it I wish his role had been bigger.

Plummer had appeared in many other movies and TV productions set in the past, such as THE NEW WORLD (2010) and WATERLOO (1970) but I focused his profile on his PEPLUM roles.

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