Tuesday, February 16, 2021

By the Gods!

Ettore Manni, Geneviève Grad and Philippe Hersent in ATTACK OF THE NORMANS (1962)

In this scene, Hersent, who is Grad's father, recalls a past event which will change the course of everyone's life. In the only English copy I had at the time, the reveal was cut, including part of this scene. I did a Fan Dub of this movie with this incomplete English track and had to cut the parts in Italian. Well, I eventually found another English version which was complete. It had all the scenes missing from the first copy I had. So I re-did the Fan Dub, adding the missing scenes to it and when I uploaded the movie in its complete form, the added scenes where copyrighted. So I had to remove that new Fan Dub and re-upload my old Fan Dub with the missing scenes. Youtube is very bizarre. 

The three actors are great and I really like this movie (sorta why I did a Fan Dub). I just got a new copy of it, with a beautiful print. And this print has the English track added to it, in other words, someone did a Fan Dub of this copy which was broadcast on TV. 

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