Tuesday, June 9, 2020

By the Gods!


In the scene above, Marcus Titanus (Lee Broker) meets two time travellers from the future. At first he eyes her (Laurie Paton) but goes for him (Jacques Lussier) instead. Yes, it's a comedy.

Like so many other PEPLUM movies, three people from contemporary times end up in Ancient Rome after some lab accident. The movie is a Canadian production filmed in Switzerland and Argentina, for locations, which I find odd since all the locations could have been shot in Canada. The movie actually has some excellent productions (armies and such) but it still looks like a small budgeted film. Norman (not pictured) invents many things, including the balloon pictured below.

Have you seen it? No one has seen it.


Anonymous said...

Graham Sumner wrote:

Yes, I saw it many many years ago. It is also known as "A switch in Time".

It seemed to have plot borrowed from Asterix mixed in with "Back to the future", or back to the past in this case. I seem to remember that the Romans actually spoke in Latin.

PEPLUM TV said...

Hey, Graham, you saw it!

The Romans communicate or at least one of the characters from the future talks to them in Italian...or is it Latin? It sounds Italian to me. The movie does have armies and nice soldiers' uniforms, when they are shown.

Anonymous said...

Graham Sumner wrote.

It was available on VHS for rental in our local store back in the hey day of videos. I have never seen it since but what stuck in my mind was that one Roman character said "ave Caesar Nero" pronouncing it "are-way Kaiser Nero" which is supposed to be the correct form of pronunciation.

As I also recall the Roman soldiers uniforms were very good but that might just be a dim and distant memory.

Scott Ochiltree said...

I just watched it for free on the Internet. It was really silly and disappointing - not even very funny.