Friday, June 19, 2020

By the Gods!

Jayne Mansfield, as Hyppolyta as Deinira, is trapped in the arms of a cursed treeman in THE LOVES OF HERCULES (1960; Hercules vs the Hydra; Gli Amori Di Ercole)

In this scene, Hyppolita is in the form of Deinira. Once she dies, she returns to her form as Hyppolita. The 'Treemen' look like Gumby. Whatever you think of this scene, a lot of effort was put into it. 


orsh549 said...

This could of been a much better movie if Hargitay had learned to act better. His Hercules is very wooden and he seems to be sleep walking through the picture. Later on in some of his other movies his acting was much better. Took acting lessons I guess.

PEPLUM TV said...

I agree. Mickey is very goofy in it. Well, the whole movie is goofy but fun.