Monday, June 22, 2020

By the Gods!

Nello Pazzafini and Alan Steel are about to go head to head in a fight in THE THREE AVENGERS (1964)
This movie suffers from an identity crisis. No existing title, in any language, makes sense in regards to the movie itself. The Italian title, GLI INVINCIBILI TRE, translates as THE INVINCIBLE THREE. The slight change for the English title, from 'Invincible' to simply 'Avengers', makes a big difference. But the original title was most likely a humorous one since it's a PEPLUM action/comedy and two of the three men are anything but 'Invincible'. They're more like sidekicks than anything else. Ursus (Steel) is invincible (sorta) but why name the movie with such a title? So a title change made sense but then are the three really 'avengers'? Not really. So, they're not entirely invincible and they're not really avengers. The French title is THE INVINCIBLE URSUS, which is okay but too generic. What title would suit it? Aside from Ursus' two sidekick, who are annoying, this movie is pretty good. The cast alone is excellent. But it always seems to fall under the radar.

I recently acquired a French version which has English credits, and it's in widescreen. I already had a copy with English opening credits but that copy is unwatchable in 4:3 aspect ratio and discoloured image. All other versions I have (which is plenty), the credits and title are in Italian, including a Fan Dub someone made. I guess I need to do a Fan Dub of this new copy.

The movie was shot in Tunisia. The good thing about it is a movie like this could afford hundreds of extras, which adds to the epicness of the story.

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