Monday, June 15, 2020

By the Gods!

Samson (Alan Steel) lifting a locked gate in SAMSON & THE SLAVE QUEEN (1963; Zorro contro Maciste)

Would a scene like this make it in an action picture today? I highly doubt it. Brawny action is not in vogue these days. This is why these old movies are worth more today than back then. And Alan (née Sergio Ciani) was always up to the challenges.

I'm about to complete a Fan Dub of this movie. It's been a long and arduous process. The *only* English audio available anywhere, which I have, is in terrible shape and it's missing some crucial scenes. I tried  to do it years ago but I thought it was too difficult. Well, the Fan Dub is nearly finished. It's a fun film and it's fun dubbing fun movies like this one but wow, was it difficult. Though the story is simple enough, the direction by Umberto Lenzi makes it's more complex and elaborate than the story itself. 

Now, what will I do with it? I don't want to upload it to Youtube. Personally, Youtube has been such a constant negative force against me that I'm reluctant to upload any of my new stuff there. I'm thinking of doing a Patreon account but the last time I created one I only got 2 subscribers!. Would anyone be willing to subscribe to a Patreon account if I upload my work there?


Steven Lester said...

I would, if it wasn't too expensive. $10 a month, if there was at least one film available.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to give on a monthly basis. I haven't done it before but it doesn't look difficult

Anonymous said...

I have never seen an English language version of this film. I have the Italian version with English subtitles. So seeing the English language version would be fantastic. Maybe you can change per film and send it to the email address? Cheers Wayne W.

Anonymous said...

Odd that English language versions of this film are so scarce as it did get a substantial theatrical release in the U.S. by American International on a double bill with Goliath and the Sins of Babylon. Then it later showed in in their TV muscleman package.

PEPLUM TV said...

Thanks Steven and others for the feedback. Anyone else on board?

Yes, it's odd that the English versions are often M.I.A.. But the original distributors don't exist anymore and those movies are often neglected because they're in the public domain or the new distributors don't care.

Wayne, I uploaded the subtitled version of the movie on a now closed Youtube account. Some subtitled scenes will be included in the Fan Dub since big chunks of it are missing.

David C. Matthews said...

I'd be on board with a Patreon account if (as Steven Lester said) it wasn't too costly. I could go $10/month.