Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Articles at BY THE GODS!

Are there any other novelizations like this one? I'm looking for stuff like this.

Ad advertising upcoming movies with a Steve Reeves connection… 

List of new titles includes ULYSSES (1954)


Anonymous said...

There are many paperback tie ins for novels adapted into movies such as Ben-Hur, The Egyptian, Spartacus, Gold for the Caesars, The Vikings, The Big Fisherman and Cleopatra. These all feature movie art on the covers.

Original novels based on epic films include Morgan the Pirate, Thief of Bagdad, King of Kings, Sign of the Pagan, Solomon and Sheba, Fall of the Roman Empire, 300 Spartans, and Genghis Khan.

Anonymous said...

Graham Sumner wrote

Not sure if this is what you want but you can get 'The Fall of the Roman Empire' as a novel by Harry Whitington. It is based on the original movie script.

The film is also depicted in a comic book version. Both are slightly different from the film version so might be of some interest.

Both novel and comic book are readily available online either on Amazon or EBAY.

PEPLUM TV said...

Thanks for the quick replies.

Thanks Graham. I already found the book and comic book.

And 'anonymous' thanks for that list. I found all of the novelizations already and a couple of other ones.

I'll look into the original novels as well but my interest are the novelizations. I want to read how much they differ from the movies.