Monday, June 24, 2019

By the Gods!

The climax to THE SACARENS (1963; Il Pirata del Diavolo) starring Richard Harrison, Annamaria Ubaldi and Demeter Bitenc as Rabaneck, the villain.

I have a version no one else had. It's in English with English credits and narration (text). I wonder where it came from or where I got it (from the now defunct ATLAS VISUALS?). At one point I uploaded it to Youtube and now everyone has it. It was very popular (over 700,000 views). This copy is seen below and the last screengrab, while the screengrabs at the top and the third one are taken from a Fan Dub someone made with the audio from this original version. I know this because the distortions in my original English copy, which are quite particular, are heard in the Fan Dub. Oddly enough, even though the image from my copy is very cropped the image from the Fan Dub is also cropped. So, a true widescreen copy of this film is still missing, in English or any other language. I like this movie. Richard is good as usual. A couple of big problems with this movie happen at the end: during the climactic sword fight you clearly see the stuntman doing all the sword action. You can also see the shadows of the columns of the window on the sky/sea background scenery. Oops. The music by Aldo Piga is excellent.

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Brrrodie the Westie said...

BIG favorite of mine of the "Sinister Saracens" genre. Love the classic raiders-seinging-and-smashing-through-the-stained-glass-windows assault on the praying Christian women. That little girl is a trip, we see her in many Pepla. The folk dances of the happy peasants prior to the Village Pillage scene is a hoot. The execution of the sad women buried up to their necks and run over with the chariots is another classic scene. And it was FILMED RIGHT WHERE IT REALLY HAPPENED, ON THE DALMATION COAST, according to the urgent trailer voice-over!