Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Different titles: THE AVENGER (1962)

Different titles for THE AVENGER (1962) starring Steve Reeves. This sequel to THE TROJAN HORSE (1961) is an oddity in that there are more English titles available than any other language. One of the problems in finding the versions with their original titles is that the French or Spanish or even the UK broadcast versions have the Italian title during the opening credits. This is a very common issue with PEPLUM movies shown on TV or released on DVDs. Here's a breakdown what's available.

Original Italian title. Translation: THE LEGEND OF AENEAS. This opening credit is also seen in the French, UK broadcast and Spanish releases. I'm certain that the original opening credits in those languages exist but they weren't released on DVDs or broadcasted on TV. The original title for the UK release was WAR OF THE TROJANS.

This is the original US title. Pretty nondescript title if you ask me. This release eschews every aspect of any connection to THE TROJAN HORSE during its opening credit, unlike the Italian one, which prominently shows the Trojan horse, as seen above.

The title for the UK release. This title was most likely designed and edited into the film by the company that released on DVD. It's not the original title seen in theatres during its release in the UK. The font is too modern. 

Title of the old TV broadcast in the US. Very rare. It's only available on one DVD set.

German title. The opening credits are in Italian but the German title was inserted in in lieu of the Italian one.

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