Friday, June 28, 2019

Steve Hawkes, R.I.P. - (Non-Peplum Peplum)

Steve Hawkes (born Steve Sipek) died on June 23 at the age of 77. He made two Tarzan knock-offs, in which he was called Zan. The screengrabs are from ZAN - KING OF THE JUNGLE (1969; Tarzán en la gruta del oro). He lived in the US and ran an animal sanctuary.

Now, you might ask "Why post about a Tarzan movie here?". Well, this is one of those 'Non-Peplum Peplum' movies. Everything about ZAN - KING OF THE JUNGLE follows the PEPLUM formula but set in contemporary times. There are 'feats of strength,' as seen above and the last image, both which looks straight out of Maciste movie. And then there's the Amazon-like group of women. Pretty much a Maciste movie but with our Hero wearing a loincloth instead of a tiny tunic. A lot of stars of the PEPLUM genre began with Tarzan or Tarzan-like productions, including Gordon Scott, Lex Barker, and even Steve Reeves with KIMBAR OF THE JUNGLE (1949) short film. The TAUR/THOR movies starring Joe Robinson were supposed to be Tarzan stories but changes were made to avoid lawsuits from the E. R. Burroughs estate and the Hero became Thor or Taur.

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Stephen Flacassier said...

Years ago, I'm in Florida, at Disney, staying at one of their hotels, early morning, I turn on the TV and Hawkes is on the local news!!! He was living in Florida, running a low rent wild animal park. One of his tigers bit a worker in the head and the authorities wanted to put it down. Hawke's was pleading his case not to. They mentioned the Tarzan films in the report. Couldn't believe my luck catching this news story. What were the chances of my being in Florida right then, turning on the TV right when that report came on. Was there anyone else watching who'd know this guy's work, better yet be this excited to see him? You can't tell me Disney magic isn't real. It is, and it works in mysterious ways.

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